Saturday, April 10, 2010

She Walks

Wow this is so terrible of me, but I am just now posting about Bailey walking! She has been walking for so long now that I can hardly remember when she crawled! She took a step or two every now and then a little before her first birthday and maybe a little after. Then on Superbowl Sunday which was about 3 weeks after Bailey’s birthday, she took 5 steps in a row! We got that on our regular video camera so it’s documented, but I forgot to record her on our other camera for the blog until a month later! By then she was walking so well that it seems silly to even talk about it! But we must document it… so here is the video from March 7th—about a month after she was walking. I will say that when she finally started walking, she took off and never crawled again! And I thought it was cool that she started walking 3 weeks after her first birthday which was exactly the same as Avery!