Friday, February 4, 2011

Robes and Slippers










I love the girls in their robes and slippers!  Avery got this new robe and slippers from my grandma for Christmas, so Bailey got the hand-me-downs.  She doesn’t seem to mind since she loves Avery’s things anyway! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas with the Alexanders

The Monday after Christmas, we spent the whole day with Craig’s family.  We always start with a breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits, and sweet roll at Craig’s mom’s.  With 9 kids and 10 adults, we can in no way shape or form all fit at the table!  So the kids pretty much get the kitchen table now and we adults stand around, or go in the living room or dining room.  After everyone is finished, the presents are divided by family and this year we actually went one family at a time!  Just the kids, but it was nice to kind of get to see what everyone got!  The girls LOVE running around and playing with all of their cousins under one roof!  It is pretty crazy as you can imagine, but fun, too.  We are hardly ever ALL 19 together, maybe twice a year.  (And pretty soon it will be 20!)  Here are a few pictures from the craziness…


Yippee!  Bailey got her own chair! 


It’s really hard to get 8 kids to all look and smile at the same time!  Especially when 4 of them are 4 and under.  (Isaac was sleeping.)


Better Smile


Bailey opening one of her lego sets with Grandma.  Grandma is famous for buying legos. :)  I guess she is used to it after having 4 boys!


Bailey’s probably 10th snack of the morning.


She still has hardly let go of that Curious George over a month later.  Love that goofy smile she is trying to give me even though she has Cheerios in her mouth.


Love the bird legs.  Avery insisted on wearing her new fleece footie pajamas that morning, and I knew she would get hot.  (Grandma prefers a warmer temperature than the rest of us. LOL)  So she had to change into her new Joe’s Tshirt to cool off, and of course, little sister had to follow suit.  Monkey see, monkey do in this house!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas with the Warlicks

I convinced my parents to come to Tulsa for Christmas this year. It was fun having everyone here in our house! Even Aunt Jenna came and Aunt Staci stayed over a couple nights. This is always a huge task to go through Christmas pictures, and since I’m playing catch up, I won’t post as many as I could. This is maybe 10%! Here goes…






Santa brought the girls pillow pets and stockings full of goodies.


Avery was really excited about her Buzz Lightyear from Aunt Staci. For some reason she really wanted this and had been asking for it for quite a while!


One of the #1 items on the list…footie pajamas!


Digging into some more!


Nona made Avery this beautiful “Belle” dress! She also made her a Snow White dress and an Ariel dress! Thank you, Nona!


Another favorite: Supergirl outfit from Mommy and Daddy! This girl loves to dress up!


Nona and Pop got the girls farm overalls! This was also top of Avery’s list and they are definitely ready for the farm now…and now they can match Pop!


Repeat after me: my kids are not spoiled, my kids are not spoiled, my kids are not spoiled…

Thank you Nona and Pop for a great Christmas!

Cubbies Field Trip

In the middle of December, Avery’s Cubbies group took a field trip! Cubbies is the PreK level of Awana’s at our church. Avery loves it! She memorizes verses every week for stickers and patches on her vest. It’s kind of like a Camp Fire or Girl Scouts vest where you earn patches by memorizing bible verses.

Anyway, the kids had all learned a few Christmas songs and they got to ride the church bus (Avery’s favorite part!) to the local nursing home to sing some songs. They had also been collecting canned goods to donate to the Jenks Food Bank, so they got to deliver that as well that night. Here are a few pictures and a video of the singing.


They really were precious in their angel halos!


Avery’s favorite part…riding the bus with her BFF!


Singing their hearts out.


Sleeping Bag Sisters


The morning before my parents were supposed to arrive, we had the house all cleaned up.  I had spread out Avery’s sleeping bag in her room because she was going to sleep there so Aunt Jenna could have her bed.  (She was so thrilled to camp out!)  When we finally had a down moment after cleaning, I found the girls in Avery’s sleeping bag in front of the window reading books!  Agh!  Be still my heart.  Ha ha!  Another sweet snuggly book moment!

Santa at Utica

We took the girls to see the Santa Claus at Utica Square.  Avery had her usual nervous, shy look, and Bailey was totally fine and excited until I set her on Santa’s knee, then she started bawling.  So we got that picture, and then I had to get in the picture so we could at least have one of her not crying!  Avery told Santa she wanted footie pajamas, overalls, and a pillow pet!  Bailey didn’t really understand what she was supposed to say but when I asked her what she liked or wanted, we finally got “horse” out of her!  (These are pictures of the pictures, taken with my phone…can we say Mommy has gotten lazy since getting an iPhone!)


New PJ’s

Nona was so sweet to send the girls new pajamas before Christmas!  Even though they were coming here for Christmas, she still sent them a package a couple weeks before so they could have new PJ’s.  She hit the nail on the head with the favorite characters.  Minnie Mouse and Ariel!


Gingerbread House Tradition


Bailey upset because she wants to eat the candy already!


Bailey still eyeing the candy. Smile


Avery had to perch on the table so she could reach.


Very serious decorating


I got a few sweet impromptu hugs…probably to butter me up to give her more candy!

DSC05249 Ta-Da!

I don’t know why around the holidays when we are taking pictures of traditions like decorating a gingerbread house or decorating the tree, I am ALWAYS sporting no makeup, comfy clothes, and a ponytail!  (Maybe because that’s how I am 90% of the time!)  But I had to post about our yearly tradition of decorating a gingerbread house.  This year we tried to include Bailey, but she didn’t care a thing about decorating, only eating the candy!  Shocker, I know.  Avery loved it and really got into it!  Daddy even helped…that is his snowman creation on the right hand side of the house.  I love this tradition!

Sister Reads



There are a few of Bailey’s board books that Avery knows every word to.  She is already reading quite a bit, but a lot of these books are memorization!  I loved finding them snuggled in the rocking chair with Avery reading a book to Bailey!  I hope they both grow to love two of Mommy’s favorite things…snuggly blankets and books!

Thanksgiving 2010


I am sorry to say that this is the only picture we took over the whole week of Thanksgiving that we spent in Texas (and this is from my phone)!  We were there from Tuesday through Sunday and had a great time as always!  The main downer was Mommy’s extreme nausea each evening/night.  My morning sickness usually started around 6pm with the girls and lasted until I went to bed.  But with this pregnancy, it seemed to start around 4pm.  The week of Thanksgiving was probably one of the worst weeks for my nausea, but we made it through!  That’s probably what I remember most from that week. Sad smile

NEW BABY on the way!

baby #3ultrasound1

At the end of October, we found out we were expecting baby #3!  We were very excited and had been trying for a couple of months.  I actually had already taken a test that came out negative and a couple days later after Craig had gone to work already, I decided to try another one.  Surprise!  I called him to share the good news and we had to hold it in for about a week to make sure.  I even met my mom halfway to pick up the girls (who had been at her house for a couple days) on the SAME DAY I got the positive test!  It was so hard not to tell her but I didn’t want to tell her without my dad there, so I held it in.  At the end of the week, after another positive test, we video skyped with my parents and all shouted, “We’re going to have a baby!”  They screamed in surprise and were very happy!  The next day we let Avery tell Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s going to be grandbaby #10 for them!  We’re all excited to meet this new little person!