Saturday, July 24, 2010


Another lost picture from June…  Bailey loves these old rain boots of Avery’s that I got out of the closet not too long ago.  They are still at least a size too big, but she doesn’t care.  She will say, “Boots, boots!” and either sit down and put them on herself, or if she has trouble, she will bring them to me to help her put them on.  Then she clomps around the house like she is big stuff! 


Here’s an old picture I found of Avery wearing these beloved consignment sale boots. :)  She was 17 months which is the exact age of Bailey above.  Bailey definitely has a little more chunk to her and more hair, but one thing Avery had then was bigger feet!

Picture 002

Cutie Pies

I just found these pictures that had gotten lost among some others and not put in the appropriate folders on the computer.  Back in June, the girls looked so cute before one of our days of Vacation Bible School that I had to snap a few pictures.  I bought the fabric for Avery's dress when she was 2 years old (really!) and I finally made it into a dress for her.  Thank goodness the panel was still long enough!  I hate to brag, but these girls are so cute!


…and Bailey’s done. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July

Well it was kind of fun having the Fourth of July on a Sunday this year! We got to coordinate our clothes as a family (dorky?) and celebrate the freedoms God has given our country through the men who fought for us in the past and those who are in the present. Here are a few pictures we managed to get before church. {Thankfully we only had a 10:30 service or you people would probably not be seeing a single shot. :) }





Then I tried to get one of just the girls and here’s how they turned out: If you have little ones, I’m sure you can relate. :)

Curriculum Delivery!

Most of you know that we have chosen to home school our girls.  It is a very scary but exciting thought.  So far that’s all it has been…thoughts…until now!  This fall Avery would be attending Pre-Kindergarten in a public school if that’s where I was sending her.  So instead we are beginning her schooling here at home!  We decided to go with Sonlight’s curriculum.  It’s a wonderful Christian literature-based curriculum from what I can tell.  I have read a lot about it and after many hours pouring over the website and catalog, I made my selections for Avery and a few days later, the box was on the porch!  I am so excited to see what God has in store for our family through homeschooling.  I hope we are a closer family because of it!  Here are a few pics of the girls already enjoying their curriculum…well the box!  And we hadn’t even cut off the tape yet! :)


Avery really is always sweet to share her snacks with Bailey :) DSC04659 DSC04660

Gymnastics Watch Day

Once a month on the 4th lesson of gymnastics, parents are allowed to stay in the gym and watch what the girls have learned during the month’s lessons. Avery was the only girl in her class the whole month so it was fun to watch her show all her new skills and getting all of the attention. This month 3 other girls have joined so she is excited to have friends but I was kind of hoping for private lessons again. :) Oh well.

Here are some pictures from the watch day:

The balance beam (one of her favorites). She was doing hops on this thing, dips, high kicks, and even a forward roll! (with help)

DSC04601 DSC04604

The high bar





The uneven bars


Learning hand-stands


The parallel bars


The rings


At the end the teacher lets her go into the big gym (where the older girls do gymnastics) and she gets to jump on the large trampoline. That’s one of her favorites as well! DSC04648