Thursday, August 28, 2008

Florida Vacation

OK I know I have been lazy this week and have been meaning to post pictures of our Florida Vacation, but I am just now forcing myself to sit down and do it!!! We had a blast in Destin as usual. This is the place where Craig and I got engaged 7 years ago and we have been back several times with family...we just love it! Avery has gone every summer since she has been born and this year was definitely the best with her. She loved digging in the sand and playing in the pool, finding treasures on the beach (seashells, rocks) and putting them in her bucket. She liked the ocean ok after she got used to it, but if it splashed up in her mouth, she was revolted and had a terrible look on her face! The first day we went down to put our toes in, she asked me, "Mommy, what is that noise?!" It was the ocean waves crashing onto the shore! She just never hears it and had no idea what it was! This year we went with Craig's brother Chad and his family. Avery absolutely LOVES her cousins and Ashley (9 yrs old) was like a little mother to Avery and took care of her so much for me! Thank you Ashley! They played and walked down the beach and swam in the pool and played in the house a ton! We enjoyed some delicious seafood the whole time whether in the restaurants or meals we ate at home. I just love good fish and shrimp and Craig has come to love them, too, over the years, even though he used to think he didn't like seafood! Can you imagine?! :) All in all it was a wonderful week of relaxing, sleeping, and eating! What can beat that? This has got to be a yearly tradition!

New House!

Hallelujah! The Lord has answered our prayers with a new house! We will not have to move twice!!! Here is a picture of the outside of the house, but you will have to wait for inside pictures. There are several things we need to update, and I want you to have before and after pictures! The lot is almost half an acre so Avery and her little sister will have plenty of space to run and play! It's a beautiful neighborhood called Country Lake Estates and it is here in Jenks! We close on our house here and the new house on September 19th, so please keep us in your prayers that everything will go smoothly and be completed on that day so we can move in immediately after! Thanks for your prayers so far...God has heard them!

Friday, August 15, 2008

IT'S A....

GIRL!!! We are so excited to be having another girl! Craig said he doesn't care if we have a house full of girls! I am super excited to be able to use all of my girl things again from Avery! This new little girl is totally nameless right now, so don't even ask for a couple months! We will let you know when something is decided. Praise God for this wonderful blessing! We can't wait to meet her!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Poll

OK I thought it would be fun to copy my friend Emily and put up a baby poll. This Thursday I have a doctor's appointment. However, I do not think I am going to have an ultrasound. They usually don't do the sex check until 20 weeks and my doctor is pretty strict about sticking to the schedules. I am 16 weeks this week and I am going to beg and plead for one, but if they say no, my mom is going to be my savior. She is actually retired from her job as a mammogram technician, but she is filling in for a girl who is on maternity leave right now. Her friends at the clinic (they also do sonograms) told her to bring me in and they will let me know the sex if the baby cooperates THIS FRIDAY!!! So if my doctor says no on Thursday, hopefully we will make it down to Texas for an ultrasound Friday! I am super excited! So here is a poll to vote whether you think it will be a girl or a boy. I have absolutely no feelings one way or the other, so I am going to be no help guiding your vote! If we do find out on Friday, I will update the blog shortly after!

An Old House, A New House...

Well, most of you know, but some do not that Craig and I decided to sell our house and look for a bigger one! With the new baby on the way, things are going to get very crowded and I really like to keep a guest room. Plus we would love to have some sort of gameroom/playroom for the kids so toys are not overrunning the rest of the house! Well, we had planned to wait on putting ours up for sale until we found a house we wanted to buy. So we found one, then put ours up for sale so we could make an offer, and our house sold in 5 days!!! Isn't that amazing? The problem is, our other offer did not get accepted and we decided we weren't crazy about the neighborhood anyway. So...the time crunch is on because we have to be out of our house by Sept. 15th and right now, we have no place to go! If we have to, we will find an apartment or something in between, but please pray that God will bring along just the right house and QUICKLY PLEASE, LORD! :) We are trying not to worry about it and trust that God sold our house quickly for a reason, but we do covet your prayers. So bye-bye 119th Place...bye-bye best friends living all around us...bye-bye house where Avery took her first steps...we hardly knew ye. (well, 4 1/2 years is not that long!) By the way, we are staying in the Jenks area because I cannot be too far from my friends/babysitters and our church!