Monday, March 30, 2009

Bumbo and Pooh Ears

Yesterday I tried out the Bumbo with Bailey for a few minutes. I am so ready to be able to sit her in there on the counter while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen. I hate having her on the floor in the bouncy seat, but this poor girl just is too young for the Bumbo yet. Her head kept getting away from her! She is doing ok on head control but her neck muscles need a little more exercising! OK let me just say I am not a fan of clothes with characters on them. I never have been and rarely will I put something with characters on it on my kids...however, this little Winnie the Pooh outfit used to be Avery's and it was a little chilly on Saturday in the house so I put this jacket on Bailey. The hood with the ears was so cute on her and my new living room rugs worked as a perfect background, don't you think?

Sister Snuggles

I hope Daddy isn't mad at us for posting this sleeping picture of him. :)

Saturday morning both girls were awake around normal time which is somewhere between 7 and 7:30. We all snuggled in the big bed for quite a while and it was so nice! I love morning snuggles in our bed even though sometimes they don't last long before Avery is asking for some cereal and a Curious George episode! Look at these two cutie pies!

Snow in March?

OK I'm sure everyone else in Tulsa will have these kind of pictures on their blog, so we will join them! This past Saturday we had one of the most beautiful snows I can remember since I have lived in Tulsa (8 years!) I think we got around 8 inches of was coming down all day from about 9am-5pm! I am so glad it was on a Saturday so we could all enjoy it as a family...I just love it when Craig is home with us. It was piling up all around us and Craig and Avery went to play in it a little in the afternoon. Here are some pictures of our house in the beautiful white wonderland. Snow on March 28th!! Who would have ever guessed??

Friday, March 27, 2009

Avery goes to the Dentist

This week Avery had her first trip to the dentist! She was such a big girl and wasn't scared at all. She sat in the big chair, leaned back, let the hygienist clean her teeth and even floss them! She even let them X-ray her teeth and was very excited to pick out several "prizes" from the prize drawers. This is a pediatric dentist's office and I was amazed to see video game consoles everywhere and each dental chair had its own TV! There were about 6 chairs in a row in at least 2 rooms, maybe 3. So the kids can be distracted by the TV while they're getting their teeth cleaned. I don't think it was necessary for Avery but I understand some kids need it. Anyway, back in 6 months! Of course Bailey sucked on her paci the whole time. She is the only baby I know who doesn't fall asleep in the car or the swing. I have to give her the paci when we're out because I have usually had to get her up from a nap to go somewhere and she is tired and fussy and won't calm down without her paci if I am going to leave her in the carseat.

Braggy Mommy Moment

I know you're not supposed to brag--but I have to tell you what my sweet little Bailey is doing. Just think of this as a way for me to document the milestone so I don't forget. :) For the past 3 nights, Bailey has been sleeping 12 hours straight....7:30 pm-7:30 am! She is only 10 weeks old. Avery was and still is a great sleeper, but she didn't do it this early! We have battled with Bailey for her whole life on sleeping well...she just could not stay asleep. But she has found her tummy and her fist and now she is a happy girl...and when baby is happy, the whole house is happy! Come back soon for a Braggy Mommy post about Avery!

Tax Deduction

One of the great parts about having kids is the nice deduction you get come tax time. (Well it doesn't really compare to the money you spend on them throughout the year!) Anyway, someone gave us this onesie when Avery was a baby so I had to do a comparison picture. What's funny is Avery was 5 months old in the bottom picture and Bailey is only a little over 2 months! And this is a 0-3 month onesie! Bailey isn't really that chunky anymore, but she is obviously much chunkier than her sister was! Their newborn pictures look so much alike, but now I am starting to tell a real difference in their looks. It's fun to compare pictures.

Here are some more pictures we took that day and a couple from another day.

Bailey's Texas Debut

This was Bailey's first trip to Texas! Of course we stayed with Nona and Pop as always, but we also visited Uncle Chad, Aunt Kelly, Ashley, Austin, and Ashton, Mimi and Paw-Paw, and Nannie and Papa. (Those are Avery and Bailey's great-grandparents.) Daddy took us half-way and we met Nona and Pop at the half-way McDonald's and rode the rest of the way with them. That way Mommy and girls got to stay the whole week and then Daddy came down the following weekend to stay for a couple days and then we all went home together on Sunday. The week always goes by so fast as usual and even though we thought it would be a relaxing week with not much to do, we ended up going to the zoo and by the time you visit everyone, you have had a busy week! It flew by! Here are different slideshows and pics. Enjoy!
This is the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. I haven't been here in years, but it's the only zoo around that's closer than the Dallas Zoo. It's the one I always went to as a little girl and on school field trips. It was a very warm day for February...we were hot in our 3/4 length sleeves and jeans. Avery is sporting her new "lello" shirt. She ran almost the whole time we were there and could not stand still for longer than a second. It was so funny. She was too excited to even look at any animals longer than a few seconds. By the end she finally slowed down and rode on the back of the double stroller on her little seat. Nona even treated us to lunch at the zoo and ice cream cones afterwards!

These are pictures of us visiting my grandparents. Avery and Bailey are so blessed to have 5 great-grandparents. All of mine and Craig has one grandmother still living. They all sure do love these girls!

We visited Avery and Bailey's cousins Ashley, Austin, and Ashton. These kids have such a great time playing together! It's a shame they don't live closer and get to see each other more often. Ashley loves to hold Bailey (and loved to hold Avery when she was a baby, too). She will be a great mommy one day! I just love Avery's expressions in some of these pics.

We just love to visit Nona and Pop. It's fun to stay together for a week sometimes. The kids and grandparents get a lot more bonding time that way!

Random Cuteness

These are all random pictures from last month. Bailey was about 6 weeks old in most of them.

Valentine's Day Bowling

OK let me back up a bit and do some posts from February! We have been so busy around the house doing tons of projects! Those before and after pics will be coming soon!

Last month on Valentine's Day, we thought Avery needed to go do something fun. We had been in the house pretty much for a month since little sister arrived, and Avery was due an outing. Also Aunt Staci was here to visit that weekend, so she got to bowl, too! She was thrilled. :) This was Avery's very first time to go bowling and they let her use the little ramp for kids. She loved it and also loved eating lunch at the snack bar afterwards. It wasn't the cheapest outing we've ever done, but we had fun and we forgot how much we liked to bowl! Also, Bailey was exactly one month in her picture. I haven't been doing very well at taking pictures on her "month birthday" like I did with Avery, but thankfully got a picture of her on this day. OK so we're not even to 3 months yet--I will do better!

Avery's 3rd Birthday Party

Here is Avery's 3rd Birthday Party that we had at Veterans Park in Jenks. This is Avery's favorite playground and she always asks to go play at "that playground across from Reasors"! She loves to go down the huge slides they have there and a couple of them are so tall I won't let her go by herself! She has to be on Daddy's lap. We had a great time other than the fact that the winds were at tornado speed that day! We almost got blown away but at least it wasn't cold and the kids had a great time! We also gave kites as party favors and I wished we had gotten them out at the beginning of the party because the kids who were left at the end had such a great time flying them! All in all Avery had a great birthday party and her "lello" balloons and "lello" cake were right up her alley!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Fun

The night before Avery's birthday, after she had gone to sleep, Craig and I tied ten helium balloons around her room (yellow, of course!) so when she woke up she would be surprised! When she came into my room, I expected her to be so excited and tell me about it immediately, but like her daddy, she doesn't show a lot of emotion! I had to ask, "Was there anything in your room when you woke up?" She said, "Yes, balloons!" She did love them, but I had to coax the excitement out of her!
She had pancakes for breakfast with 3 yellow candles (somehow I didn't get a picture only video), took muffins to Sunday School to share with her friends, and then for dinner, we took her to Chuck E. Cheese! Not my idea of a great place to have dinner, but Avery loved it and that's all that mattered! She was so excited to see Chuck E. There is a robot thing of him by the stage area and she could not get that through her head that that wasn't the real Chuck E. who would walk around. She kept calling to the robot, "HI, Chuck E. Cheese! HI!!" And she was waving and waving. It was hilarious. Finally the real one came out and was walking around and she ran right up to him to say hi. He held his arms out to give her a hug and she looked at Craig and stepped back. She decided she liked him, but didn't want to give him a hug, and didn't want to get too close. :) Bailey enjoyed it all since she got to sleep in Grandma's arms the whole time!
It was a great day and I hope she felt special and loved! After next weekend, you can see pictures of her party at the playground, which is sure to be a blast since that's her favorite place to play!