Friday, March 27, 2009

Valentine's Day Bowling

OK let me back up a bit and do some posts from February! We have been so busy around the house doing tons of projects! Those before and after pics will be coming soon!

Last month on Valentine's Day, we thought Avery needed to go do something fun. We had been in the house pretty much for a month since little sister arrived, and Avery was due an outing. Also Aunt Staci was here to visit that weekend, so she got to bowl, too! She was thrilled. :) This was Avery's very first time to go bowling and they let her use the little ramp for kids. She loved it and also loved eating lunch at the snack bar afterwards. It wasn't the cheapest outing we've ever done, but we had fun and we forgot how much we liked to bowl! Also, Bailey was exactly one month in her picture. I haven't been doing very well at taking pictures on her "month birthday" like I did with Avery, but thankfully got a picture of her on this day. OK so we're not even to 3 months yet--I will do better!