Friday, March 27, 2009

Avery's 3rd Birthday Party

Here is Avery's 3rd Birthday Party that we had at Veterans Park in Jenks. This is Avery's favorite playground and she always asks to go play at "that playground across from Reasors"! She loves to go down the huge slides they have there and a couple of them are so tall I won't let her go by herself! She has to be on Daddy's lap. We had a great time other than the fact that the winds were at tornado speed that day! We almost got blown away but at least it wasn't cold and the kids had a great time! We also gave kites as party favors and I wished we had gotten them out at the beginning of the party because the kids who were left at the end had such a great time flying them! All in all Avery had a great birthday party and her "lello" balloons and "lello" cake were right up her alley!