Monday, February 25, 2008

Washing Dishes

Forgot to add this one when I added the latest ones. On the evening of these pictures, I knew dinner was going to take me a while, so that meant Avery needed something to occupy herself while I cooked. So I set up one side of the sink with water and bubbles and put some plastic dishes in there for her to wash. I even put my old Pampered Chef apron on her because I knew she was going to get soaked! She had the best time "washing dishes" and then she began pouring water from one side of the sink into the other over and over until the water was halfway gone! Who knew a little water and a bowl could be so much fun?! I love the top picture because her face looks so chunky! She really isn't but for some reason this picture made her look that way.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Avery has about 3 or 4 play phones that are our old ones. Early one morning (you can see she is still in pjs and hasn't even had her hair brushed!), I caught her standing at the couch with one of them up to her ear pretending to talk to someone. It was so funny because she was really carrying out a conversation to whoever she thought she was talking to! Then of course she saw me with the camera and she stopped all the cuteness. I love catching her in pretend moments when she doesn't know I'm watching her because I love to see the "real little girl" come out in her.

Potato Beaters

After coming home from the park on this unseasonably warm February day, we were windblown and tired, but plunged on to make dinner! We were making homemade mashed potatoes and when I was finished, I let Avery lick the beaters. You would have thought that girl was getting to eat cake batter or melted chocolate chips or something! She kept asking for "more 'tatoes," so I would dip the beater back in the potatoes and let her get after it. It was so cute!

Ride a Little Horsey...

I think I started this habit by offering one time, but everytime Avery rides her rocking horse that Uncle Carey got her for Christmas, her babies have to join her! If you ask Avery her name, she will say "Avey Gace Ale-ander". So when you ask her the horsey's name or her baby's name, she says "Horsey Gace Ale-ander" or "Baby Gace Ale-ander." It's so funny. She thinks everyone's middle and last name is Grace Alexander!!