Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Like Mommy

Today when I was washing my hair over the tub, Avery was begging to wash her hair like Mommy. So I finally let her lean her head over the tub and gave her a nice scalp massage and shampoo! :) Then she had to have her wrapped up also just like Mommy! You can see her shirt is soaking wet because she wouldn't lean her head down enough, and half way through decided she didn't like leaning over so much! But I did get a cute smile for the picture!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Little Hider

Avery loves to get into small spaces. She loves to play under the table, under a chair, and in this case, under the vanity knee space in my bathroom. I was getting ready to go somewhere on this day and since lately she doesn't like to leave my side, she crawled under the knee space and laid down to have some smackles on her dee-dee (what she calls her blanket). This girl needs a tent or a fort!


For Christmas, my mom got me the Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld. It's all about getting your kids to eat better and how to hide vegetables in lots of the foods they already like. So far it's great! Well one day Avery helped me make these popsicles out of plain yogurt and frozen berries, and of course, every night after supper, she asks for a popsicle! It is not a clean treat, though!

Little Housewife

I love these pictures of Avery! She was playing with her kitchen one day, ironing, and cooking food. Then she wanted to get in her rocking chair and rock her baby. It was so sweet! I hope she is really learning to be a good housewife by watching me. I have to remember to be a good example because she copies me so much! She really likes Mommy to be in there with her when she plays, though, so I can be served my pretend food and take care of the other baby while she takes care of one, too. (If you'll notice, I finally got her to wear her Elmo slippers! She had them on for about 3 hours this day!!)

A Few More Christmas Pics

Well, I found a few more pictures from Christmas that were left on the camera and I had to post them. Another one of the cousins, Daddy showing Avery how to use the camera, and Big Girl Avery!

Friday, January 4, 2008


If there's one thing we love, it's getting together with family. Especially when Craig's three brothers are all there, and there are six kids running around the place all at the same time! It can get crazy at times, but these are such special and sweet times. I hope the kids will have these memories for a lifetime! We will!

Beans & Shaving Cream

A few weeks ago, during our weekly playgroup, we decided to give Avery and Chloe (Avery's best friend) something new to try out. So first we gave them a big bowl each of dry pinto beans and some scoops and spoons, and they played with that for at least 45 minutes! If you need to occupy two almost-two-year-olds, this is the way to do it! They had a blast! Next, we thought they would have fun if we took off their clothes and put them in the tub in their diapers to go crazy with shaving cream. Even though there are no smiles in these pictures, Chloe had a wonderful time! Avery, however, had that mad get-me-outta-here look on her face the entire time! She hated it! After a few minutes, Chloe had Avery and herself covered from neck to toe with the stuff. Oh well, at least one of them had fun!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Elmo Slippers

One of the things I was the most excited about giving Avery for Christmas this year was these Elmo slippers. She loves Elmo and she loves to wear Mommy and Daddy's slippers, so I just knew she would go crazy for these! But surprise, she hated them! This is the only time she wore them because she couldn't get to them to pull them off. Every other time I would ask her if she wanted to wear them, she would say, "Nooooooooo!" Go figure.