Friday, January 4, 2008

Beans & Shaving Cream

A few weeks ago, during our weekly playgroup, we decided to give Avery and Chloe (Avery's best friend) something new to try out. So first we gave them a big bowl each of dry pinto beans and some scoops and spoons, and they played with that for at least 45 minutes! If you need to occupy two almost-two-year-olds, this is the way to do it! They had a blast! Next, we thought they would have fun if we took off their clothes and put them in the tub in their diapers to go crazy with shaving cream. Even though there are no smiles in these pictures, Chloe had a wonderful time! Avery, however, had that mad get-me-outta-here look on her face the entire time! She hated it! After a few minutes, Chloe had Avery and herself covered from neck to toe with the stuff. Oh well, at least one of them had fun!