Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Little Housewife

I love these pictures of Avery! She was playing with her kitchen one day, ironing, and cooking food. Then she wanted to get in her rocking chair and rock her baby. It was so sweet! I hope she is really learning to be a good housewife by watching me. I have to remember to be a good example because she copies me so much! She really likes Mommy to be in there with her when she plays, though, so I can be served my pretend food and take care of the other baby while she takes care of one, too. (If you'll notice, I finally got her to wear her Elmo slippers! She had them on for about 3 hours this day!!)


Emily said...

The "Elmos" were the first thing I noticed! Ha ha. She is such a cutie-pie. I SO wish we lived closer to you guys so she and Jakey could play all the time... and you and I could hang out!