Friday, March 27, 2009

Bailey's Texas Debut

This was Bailey's first trip to Texas! Of course we stayed with Nona and Pop as always, but we also visited Uncle Chad, Aunt Kelly, Ashley, Austin, and Ashton, Mimi and Paw-Paw, and Nannie and Papa. (Those are Avery and Bailey's great-grandparents.) Daddy took us half-way and we met Nona and Pop at the half-way McDonald's and rode the rest of the way with them. That way Mommy and girls got to stay the whole week and then Daddy came down the following weekend to stay for a couple days and then we all went home together on Sunday. The week always goes by so fast as usual and even though we thought it would be a relaxing week with not much to do, we ended up going to the zoo and by the time you visit everyone, you have had a busy week! It flew by! Here are different slideshows and pics. Enjoy!
This is the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. I haven't been here in years, but it's the only zoo around that's closer than the Dallas Zoo. It's the one I always went to as a little girl and on school field trips. It was a very warm day for February...we were hot in our 3/4 length sleeves and jeans. Avery is sporting her new "lello" shirt. She ran almost the whole time we were there and could not stand still for longer than a second. It was so funny. She was too excited to even look at any animals longer than a few seconds. By the end she finally slowed down and rode on the back of the double stroller on her little seat. Nona even treated us to lunch at the zoo and ice cream cones afterwards!

These are pictures of us visiting my grandparents. Avery and Bailey are so blessed to have 5 great-grandparents. All of mine and Craig has one grandmother still living. They all sure do love these girls!

We visited Avery and Bailey's cousins Ashley, Austin, and Ashton. These kids have such a great time playing together! It's a shame they don't live closer and get to see each other more often. Ashley loves to hold Bailey (and loved to hold Avery when she was a baby, too). She will be a great mommy one day! I just love Avery's expressions in some of these pics.

We just love to visit Nona and Pop. It's fun to stay together for a week sometimes. The kids and grandparents get a lot more bonding time that way!