Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July

Well it was kind of fun having the Fourth of July on a Sunday this year! We got to coordinate our clothes as a family (dorky?) and celebrate the freedoms God has given our country through the men who fought for us in the past and those who are in the present. Here are a few pictures we managed to get before church. {Thankfully we only had a 10:30 service or you people would probably not be seeing a single shot. :) }





Then I tried to get one of just the girls and here’s how they turned out: If you have little ones, I’m sure you can relate. :)


Emily said...

Cute pictures! I love the ones of you holding Bailey in there. Isn't it always like that? One or the other doesn't feel like sitting there! I'm sure it'll be even more of a miracle for me to get all three kids looking {muchless smiling} at the camera!