Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hunter Park

I took the girls to Hunter Park last week on another really nice day. They have a huge field there so I thought we’d go there first so Avery could fly her kite and they could just run around and get tons of energy out before going to the playground area for a while and then home. Avery did fly her kite, but I had offered Bailey a graham cracker and she proceeded to plop down in the stroller to eat…and eat…and eat! This girl loves her graham crackers. I’m sure these pictures won’t interest anybody but the grandmothers! Most of them are of Bailey eating. I thought it was so funny how she just sat in that stroller not buckled or anything so she could eat her snack and she didn’t care a thing about running around until she was totally done! She was really getting into that snack, too. Just check out her face while she is munching away in some of those pictures! Hilarious. Avery had a great time flying her kite and running around, then playing in the diggy dirt. She also got to bounce her new basketball on a cement area and loved it until it rolled down the hill far away from her. She just stood in the middle of the hill and bawled her eyes out! I ran down and got the ball from a man who stopped his truck and got it for me. She cried for 10 minutes about it…she was so upset! Even after I gave it back to her and said, “stop crying! Here’s your ball!” She couldn’t stop…she kept saying “I didn’t want my ball to do that!” Oh I laughed (behind her back of course!) We did make it to the playground area but I only managed to take 2 of Bailey in the swing. And none of the basketball event! Having 2 kids at the playground and trying to take pictures is hard when you’re by yourself!