Friday, April 2, 2010

Fancy Avery's 4th Birthday Party!

For Avery's friend party, we decided to have a "Fancy Nancy" tea party theme. If you don't know who Fancy Nancy is and you haven't read her books, you must check them out! If you have a little girl anyway. She is so fancy and loves fancy things. We have really enjoyed her books. And I love that she doesn't have a cartoon and Avery still loves her!
We began the party with a Fancy Nancy coloring sheet while we waited for all the guests to arrive. Once most all the girls were here, I read them the original Fancy Nancy book just to introduce her to any girls that might not have known who she was. After that, we went back to the tables and the girls made fancy hats to wear during the party. I found cute little straw hats at the Dollar Tree for a dollar each and gave them scrap ribbon, fake flowers, and sparkly foam stickers to decorate with. They had a blast and really enjoyed making their hats. They were so fancy and then they all walked around the house doing a fashion show for everyone. After that, we were ready for the tea party so the girls all came to the table decked out in a lace tablecloth and real breakable tea cups to use! (Salvation army finds!) They enjoyed the tea pot cake, grapes, and butterfly-shaped crackers with heart and flower-shaped cheese. They sipped pink lemonade "tea" and had a divine time. After the tea party was over, we headed back to the living room so Avery could open her presents. She got many great things from her friends like My Little Ponies, an art set, books, and other things to play with! Our last activity was on the back porch for some pianta fun! Craig actually made the main part of this pinata for me (I just covered it with crepe paper afterwards). I had so many projects throughout the week getting ready for this party, I designated this one as Craig's. He did a great fact, too great! It was so hard that no one could bust it! The girls couldn't hit very hard and that was something we should've taken into account! But we eventually ripped it open and just poured the candy all over the porch. They didn't care at all but ran and filled their sacks with candy! (Thanks to my friend Emily for inspiring me to make this ourselves!)
After all the party fun had been had, the girls were pooped and most went home shortly after. Avery had a wonderfully fun birthday party and I hope she remembers it always! I know I will!


Emily said...

Another awesome party, Cheyenne! Just looking at all the pictures made me excited about the girliness I get to jump into soon!
The pinata {and cake!} turned out amazing. Our homemade pinata was a tad strong too. Next time I'll go easy on the layers of paper mache.
{I know Justin's going to harrass Craig when he sees pictures of him dressed up. Ha ha!}

Robertson's said...

SO CUTE! I have been wondering when to introduce the Fancy Nancy books to Kate - I guess she would enjoy them soon since Avery already has! Great job as always!