Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Water Play of the Season

I always like to document our first water play of the season.  Sometimes it’s the sprinkler or the water hose but this time we put water in our sand/water table and it was actually hot enough for the girls to put their swimsuits on and get really wet!  They loved it!  Especially Bailey!  This is really her first year to experience summer since last year she was like 6 months old.  Now that she’s walking everywhere, and almost running now, she is able to do a lot more…especially outside!  She says “’side!  ‘side!  ‘side!” and wants to go out a lot!  Jackson came to play with us on this day also and the girls always love having him over!  Bailey just wants to steal his sippy cup and snack the whole time and Avery wants to be the boss and lead him around making him do whatever she wants!  Sometimes he goes for it and other times not. :)




(Jessica, please don’t be mad about this pic!  It was the only one I took of Avery playing in the water table!  And just an fyi people…she had that baby 12 hours after this shot!)

DSC04181  Bailey has the funniest expressions!  She really cracks me up!

DSC04185See?  (And check out those thighs!  I love it!)

DSC04194Another face…Bailey loves to “chalk” as Avery calls it.  She says, “Mommy, let’s go chalk.”

DSC04191 And here she is once again chowing down on graham crackers, one of her favorite snacks!

DSC04192  And don’t worry—that’s a piece of graham cracker hanging down from her lip, not her tooth! :)