Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter 2010

OK this is going to be a large post about all of the Easter activities we did and pictures that we took.  Here goes!

The week of Easter, we went to my friend Christy’s house so the kids could do a few Easter activities.  Christy read them an Easter book, they colored an Easter picture, and then we made resurrection rolls.  DSC04153DSC04154 In case you have never heard of them, you roll out a crescent roll (represents the tomb), roll a marshmallow (Jesus’ body) in butter and then sugar/cinnamon (the oil and spices that were put on Jesus’ body).  DSC04156 You then put the marshmallow in the crescent roll and roll it up and seal all the openings.  Bake for 10-12 minutes or so and when you open your tomb, Jesus’ body is gone!  He has resurrected (or melted)!  And then you can enjoy your yummy sweet roll.  It’s a cute activity.  After that, we went outside for an Easter egg hunt.  Bailey really couldn’t have cared less about egg hunts this year!  I really thought she would get into it, but no.  Anyway, it was a fun time together with friends! DSC04163 DSC04165  DSC04170 DSC04173 DSC04174

The girls even got to enjoy Coleman’s power wheels Hummer!  They had a lot of fun zooming around the yard!


The below picture was right before Coleman gunned it and Bailey flew forward and ripped through her seatbelt!  :)  It was hilarious since no one was hurt!


Christy has this great Texas-shaped stepping stone which I love due to my true Texas roots!  Yee-haw!  I remembered taking a picture of Avery on the stone a couple years back so I had to take one of Bailey standing on Texas as well! 


Here’s the one of Avery—I was hoping they were the same age, but Avery had just turned 2.  Isn’t it crazy how much bigger Avery looks in this picture than Bailey—and they are only 9 months apart!  Can Bailey really grow this much in 9 months?!



OK back to Easter…

The next thing we did was go to the Community Easter Egg hunt that is put on by one of the nearby churches (not sure which one).  We have never been to this because we are usually out of town on Easter, so it was fun to go with the girls.  A man went over the resurrection eggs with the kids and then they were let loose in different age categories to grab as many eggs as they could!

DSC04195 DSC04199 DSC04200 See, this is all Bailey wanted to do—roll around!  She didn’t care about the eggs at all! :)

 DSC04203 DSC04206 DSC04207

So that was Saturday, and that night after Bailey went to bed, Craig and I went over the resurrection eggs with Avery.  In case you haven’t heard of those, it’s a set of 12 plastic eggs and each one has something inside with a corresponding bible verse.  Such as, a silk leaf to represent Palm Sunday, or a nail to represent Jesus being nailed to the cross.  You go through each egg from 1-12 and it tells the whole Easter story until you get to the end and the last egg is empty just like the tomb was!  This is the first time that we fully explained to Avery everything that Jesus went through.  From the beatings to the crown of thorns to the nails in his hands.  She was pretty surprised by the details but didn’t seem upset or anything.  I’m not sure that a 4 year old can empathize much with any of the details, so I’m sure (and hope) that with each year that passes, the story will impact her more.  Please ignore these scary-looking pictures of me! :)

DSC04212 DSC04214 DSC04218

After that we dyed Easter eggs and this was our first time to do this!  I guess in years past I either forgot about it or was afraid of the mess!  I’m not sure which!  Craig had to go somewhere so it was just Avery and me, and the only picture I got was of the end-result!  It was pretty fun.


I was up really late that night making the girls stuffed bunnies.  I had found this project a while back and kept forgetting to make them until, of course, the night before!  I really wanted them in their Easter baskets, and to be “green” they were made from some of my old sweaters that I was going to get rid of!  I will say that I flat out told Avery that their gifts were not from any Easter bunny.  She asked me if the gifts were from the Easter bunny and I said, “No, they’re from me and Daddy to celebrate Jesus being resurrected!  He’s alive!”  She totally did not care about the Easter bunny and though I hope she doesn’t make some mother mad one day by ruining it for her kids, I do think that it is most important for her to focus on what really matters on this holiday, Jesus’ resurrection, which our faith stands on.  So to celebrate, we gave them each a stuffed bunny, a book each, and a CD called Songs for Saplings.  It’s a song for each letter of the alphabet and each one is a bible verse to music so it’s easier for kids to learn them!  Also Avery got a set of dominoes, and Bailey got some new shirts. 

DSC04222 DSC04224DSC04225  DSC04229

And finally—thank goodness for a tripod!—our before-church pictures!

DSC04238 DSC04239 DSC04247 AND…the outtakes…

If you’re still here—thanks for hanging with me this long!  Phew!  Probably the longest post in history!  Happy Easter 2010!


The Notetaker said...

The girls look adorable in their Easter outfits! We don't do the Easter bunny either. We have a little hunt for eggs and when they find the empty egg at the end of the hunt, they get to come inside to open their baskets {which they know are from us}. The empty egg represents Jesus' empty tomb and we tell them that whenever you go searching for Jesus, there's always treasure to be found. Kind of a stretch but it works for us and the kids love it. Jacob remembered the empty egg from last year and was talking about it before we even went out for our hunt.
Hope y'all are doing well!