Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Outing

One of Craig's cousins got married a couple weeks ago in a town 2 hours away from us. We made the trek with the girls and I just knew it was going to be one of those days to remember. Bailey is doing better now but she went through a time (and may again) where she just hated her car seat. She pretty much screamed the whole 2 hours there and the whole 2 hours back. It was a nightmare! It was extremely hot this day and very windy and we pretty much all changed in the car when we got there and had to thaw out Bailey's frozen milk for her bottle in a sink with no hot water in the back of the chapel. She finally passed out and then had to be bounced the entire reception so she would stay asleep because she kept waking up everytime people would applaud. Avery had a RARE RARE accident once we got in the car so I could nurse Bailey before we drove home. Then 10 minutes onto the highway we had to pull over on a gravel road so she could go AGAIN (yes on the side of the road)! I tell you what, it's a good thing we both love each other's families because I could've done without most of this day! We did manage to get a few good pictures and already I can laugh about that day. It was one for the books....and I didn't even tell you everything! :) I love the frosting on the side of her lip!

Look closely for the ever present spit-up coming out of Bailey's mouth!

Avery acting silly.

bouncing the screamer :)
Daddy's girl