Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going Away Party for Chris & Sara

This past Saturday night, we had a going away party at our house for our friends Chris and Sara and their daughter Kate. Chris just graduated from medical school and he is starting a residency in Little Rock, Arkansas in just a couple weeks. Sara is about to have another little girl, Addison, so they are a busy little family. Sara has become one of my closest friends over the past few years. We have so much in common and have really helped each other out with our girls when we needed a sitter, etc. We have done MOPS together, been at church together, and just really clicked in our personal lives. I am going to miss her so much but I pray that God will bring them back to Tulsa one day!

Here are some pictures from the party. Pretty much our whole Sunday School class was there and there were little kids and babies everywhere! I LOVED IT! I wish I had gotten more pictures but when you're the hostess, you're kind of busy. We tried to get a group picture of the kids, but you know how that goes. When there are around 14 of them, it ain't gonna happen! Even Avery, who is always a wonderful big sister, let her sister take a nose dive on the concrete because she was tired of holding her up for the picture! (Don't worry, she was fine. :) Besides the bigger kids, there were 5 little babies...and Bailey was the oldest one! They ranged from 2 weeks to 4 1/2 months. It really was precious to see all these little kids and babies all over the house and backyard. Made me think maybe Craig wasn't so crazy for wanting a house full of them.


Melissa said...

I'm glad it was a good party! Sad to have missed it:(

Robertson's said...

Just noticed this post. Thanks so much for hosting the party. I keep meaning to post about it on my blog, but haven't uploaded pics yet - gotta do that!