Friday, June 19, 2009

Another First for Bailey

You know how when you have your first baby and you're so excited to do all the "firsts"? Like you can't wait for them to roll over and you can't wait for them to crawl and you can't wait for them to talk, etc., etc., etc. Then after you do all the firsts with your oldest you are a little wiser the second time around because you know that once they start to move you can't expect them to stay where you put them and once they learn to talk they won't be quiet when you need them to, and on and on! You learn to wait for some of those "firsts" with some patience and really enjoy the stage they are currently in. Well, I wasn't planning on starting any solid food with Bailey until 6 months because let's be honest--it's a huge mess!!! It isn't necessary until then anyway. Well even though I hadn't planned on it, the doctor suggested going ahead and starting rice cereal with Bailey in an attempt to curb the huge amounts of spit-up we get from her. It's really outrageous how have no idea. It helps some but it has been a learning process over the past week of getting the cereal in her tummy instead of all over her! She is finally learning not to just push it all out with her tongue and I think we get most of it down now. Here are just a couple pics--ignore white, pasty, frumpy Mommy in the back. Of course Avery had to feed her a few bites and she wanted to pick out the spoon. It was sweet really. After I cultivate all of her best intentions, she will be a really wonderful wife and mommy one day.
Anyway, enjoy these messy pics from the first couple of cereal feedings. YUMMY!