Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girl Party

Today we got to babysit Kolbi and Kate at the same time! Lisa went to the hospital to have baby Callie this morning and Sara had a doctor's appointment, so I told them both to just bring their girls on over and Avery, Kolbi, and Kate played so well together! There was not one single issue between them the whole time. Bailey took a long nap, so she was only up for part of the time they were here. When she was up, I had to take some pictures of the four of them. I couldn't resist. I was thinking if I had had four baby girls one right after the other, this would be my daily life--a 3 year old, 2 year old, 1 1/2 year old, and 4 month old! Yowza! But actually it wasn't bad at all and they totally entertained each other. What's also cute is that besides Bailey, the 3 older girls are all big sisters each with a little sister! (Although Kate's sister won't be born for a couple more weeks.)
Sweet girls

They were just like stair steps.

Their legs hanging off the edge of the couch were so cute. It reminded me of the "More Bars in More Places" Cingular commercials. And look at all those bruises! I'm glad my daughter's not the only one. Well she does have the most, though. :) I guess kids are clumsy.

This was cute because Avery was upset that Bailey wasn't sitting by her. So at the end I had to move Bailey down by Avery and take a picture of the two of them. Ignore her big foot stuck right in front of the camera! Do you think they look alike?? I'm not sure.


Robertson's said...

So stinkin cute! Thanks so much for watching Kate this morning - she always has a blast with Avery. I don't really think Bailey and Avery look a lot alike. I hope Kate and Addison are different!

Melissa said...

Wow, you had your hands full! Looks like they had a fun time:)

Staci said...

I LOVE THIS PICTURE with her little Princess Laya hair. : ) My fav.