Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Swing Set!!!!!

Avery finally got her swing set!! The grandparents and Craig and I went in together to get her a swing set for her 3rd birthday and the poor thing had to wait almost 3 full months before it was bought and put up. She was patient about it but it was hard to look at those boxes sitting on the backporch for a while before there was time to assemble it. Craig and his dad basically put the whole thing together in one day! It was relatively simple, just time consuming. Avery loves it and even Bailey has her own swing! We look forward to picnics in the tower and eventually a sandbox underneath the tower. These videos are mainly for the grandparents--I realize most people don't need 3 videos of my children swinging! :)


Emily said...

It IS awesome!! Good job putting that together, Craig. How fun!