Friday, June 19, 2009

Texas Trip

This past weekend we were in Texas for another great time at Nona and Pop's. The girls and I even got to stay a few extra days and it always goes by so fast!

Avery and Bailey's cousins came over one day to swim and play together. Avery just loves them to pieces and could seriously live with them and be fine. Here they are having a picnic after they swam for a while. Have I mentioned that picnics are one of Avery's FAVORITE things?!

Ashley is now 10 and I tell you what--she could move in with me and be my full-time nanny and assistant. She is so good with babies and adores Bailey!

One of the things we did was go to the RODEO!! We have been meaning to attend this rodeo for years and this was Craig and Avery's first rodeo ever. It's right near my parents' home and my dad got us tickets a while back so we could all go. It was fun... HOT, but fun. Avery really enjoyed it although I think the snowcone, popcorn, and treats were at the top of the list. Although when I asked her what her favorite part was, she said the barrel racing. Maybe one day. My dad can dream, right?
I think this pouty face is a put-on. She loves to pretend many things and I really don't remember her being sad the whole night especially not after Aunt Jenna caught her this frisbee!

Avery's favorite--barrel racing.

Look how hot and sweaty she was. We were all worse than her. It was really late, too, and I don't think she got in the bed until around midnight which is probably the latest she's EVER gone to bed! She slept until 8:40 the next morning and that's the latest she's ever slept!!

I think she ate a whole bag of popcorn all by herself!

Can you see her shirt? My mom got it for her--it says "Rodeo Girl." So cute!

Another event of the weekend was to saddle up my dad's new mule. Craig really wanted to ride her and he did a good job. Avery wasn't interested which surprised me because she has been on a horse before. I think she was too busy playing. Bailey had her first picture on a horse/mule, though, and loved it! (Or had no idea...whatever.)

What kid hasn't played in a 5 gallon bucket of water? When I was a kid, that's the only swimming pool we ever got!!

My mom found this old umbrella of mine from when I was a kid. Avery loves to play "It's raining!!!" whether it really is or not.

They stopped for a pose during some time of digging in the "diggy" dirt. Avery came up with that term a while back when she was digging in some hard dirt and told my mom she needed some "diggy" dirt. I love it!!