Friday, June 3, 2011

Avery’s Lost Tooth

The third week in May, an exciting thing happened in our house!  Avery lost her first tooth!  At her dentist appointment back in April, the hygienist asked Avery and I if she had any loose teeth.  We both said, “No.”  Well after checking her teeth, she informed us that actually both of her bottom teeth were loose!  I was shocked!  I did not expect this until next year at least!  She just turned 5 people!  So that exciting morning while eating eggs, Avery accidentally knocked one out with her fork!  It’s a wonder she didn’t swallow it!  She had been wiggling the loosest one for a while, but I didn’t think it would come out this soon!  So we had to make a tooth fairy pillow that day to put her tooth in and for the tooth fairy to leave the money in.  A lot easier than putting it under the pillow in my opinion.  :)

The tooth fairy left Avery $3 and a note of congratulations!  She was very excited!  The funny thing is, Avery’s friend Chloe lost her first tooth that exact same day!  So now they have holes in their mouths together.  Ha ha!


Isn’t this picture hilarious?



Alexandra said...

That is the cutest tooth pillow!! Avery is getting so big!!