Friday, June 3, 2011

Avery turns 5!

How is it possible that my first little baby turned 5 this year?  That is way too old in my book and I can’t believe how grown up she is.  Soon I will do a post telling about the girls’ development and what they are up to.  On March 1st, Avery turned 5, and surprise!  She chose muffins for her birthday breakfast also!  That seems to be a theme around here with birthdays…not sure why!  But it’s easy and I am happy to oblige!


She chose to go to Mimi’s Café for dinner that night because she loves to get their pancakes and fruit.  She acted a little embarrassed when the waiters came to sing to her, but I think she secretly liked it.  Smile


It also just so happened that my sister and I had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Performing Arts Center that night.  We had purchased season tickets last summer and this one fell on Avery’s birthday.  Staci couldn’t make it, but Nona was here, so she used the ticket and Avery had a very grown up night going to an evening play with Mommy and Nona.  She had just gotten this Olivia doll for her birthday and LOVED it.  She gave Olivia bows so she could be dressed up for the play, too.  The play was a little long for a 5 year old (almost 3 hours), plus it was very late, but Avery enjoyed it and I loved giving her a special night with a very special privilege. 


I love this beautiful girl so much!


Alexandra said...

That would be such a fun play to see!! I can't wait for Paige and I to enjoy some girl time together.