Friday, June 3, 2011


February was filled with snow, snow, and more snow!  Craig even got to stay home from work a couple of days because his office actually closed, which NEVER happens!  It was kind of fun being home together and not being able to go anywhere!  The kids got to play in it some and sled later when it was packed down a little more.  I can’t remember now that it’s been so long, but I think we got around 14” of snow one time and two other big snows right around the same time.  It was crazy to say the least, but the girls loved it!!  We definitely were not prepared for the appropriate snow clothes that we needed.  Next year we will try to think ahead and remember last year!


Mommy didn’t venture out much due to the pregnant belly.  Smile  I just knew I’d bust it on the ice as soon as I tried!


Alexandra said...

I love your sweet snowbunnies!!! Their daddy must just melt with those sweet faces!!