Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Shower for Colt

After MUCH deliberation, we decided to name our little guy Colt Michael Alexander.  Craig’s dad actually suggested the name a while back and it kept coming back up until we decided to go with it.  So Grandpa gets credit for Colt’s name.  My dad’s name is Michael, so that’s where the middle name comes from.  Therefore, Grandpa and Pop both have ties to their grandson’s name.  I love it.  In the middle of May, some of my sweet friends threw me a baby shower for Colt.  It was so weird getting boy things!  All we know around here is bows, frills, and pink and purple, so it has been kind of nice to have a change!  The nursery is done in a cowboy theme, so that’s the theme the shower was in.  It was adorable!!  From the awesome cake to the super cute diaper cake, to the jars we drank out of, everything went perfectly with the little cowboy theme.  Thanks to my sweet friends (and sister-in-law) for making this a special day!


Most of the Hostesses


Grandmas, an aunt, and a big sister who got the privilege of coming since it was during little sister’s naptime. Smile


This is the AMAZING quilt that my mom made for Colt.  I absolutely love it and it’s big enough to be his bedding when he moves to a twin size bed!  Thanks so much Nona! 


Alexandra said...

Are those diapers those cute denim ones I've seen in commercials??? Adorable!!!I love the bandana on the cake!