Monday, October 11, 2010

Not There Yet :)


Bailey is not potty trained.  Not at all.  :)  But she LOVES to sit on the potty and she LOVES LOVES toilet paper!  And she REALLY LOVES to tear off as much toilet paper as she can get away with and put it into the potty before I stop her.  The problem is, she can’t just drop it in, she has to PLACE it into the water and her whole hand ends up in the toilet water.  Gross I know.  We have had many, many hand washing episodes around here because of that!  The other day I caught her in my bathroom where she had put what looked like half a roll of toilet paper into my toilet and there was water splashed all over.  I guess she had a high ole time playing before she got caught and got herself a spanking. :)

Hopefully all of this interest in potties will help her to be potty-trained right around two.  One can pray for that, right?!