Monday, October 11, 2010

Aquarium Visit with Lanie

If you live in our hometown, you can get a pass to the Aquarium for half off.  It is SO worth it!  The girls and I can go kill half an hour in there if we need to, or we can spent a long time if we have a boring lazy afternoon.  It’s great if it’s raining or too hot outside.  And pretty soon, it’ll be great when it’s freezing outside!

Last month, we went with our friends Mandy and Lanie!  Too bad Bart was busy and couldn’t come, but the girls had a great time!  Bailey LOVES Bart, Mandy, and Lanie.  She will say Man-ee, Wan-ee, and she used to call Bart “Bop” but now she says “Bark.”  She calls for them all the time throughout the week and thank goodness we are guaranteed to see them on Wednesdays at church, otherwise I’d have to take her over to their house at least once a week for a visit!

Anyway, here are several cute pics of the girls at the aquarium.


You can tell, I still love these girls in piggie tails.


I actually love the way their silhouettes look against the water.  DSC04822

They’re all getting SO big!  How do kids grow so fast?!

DSC04820 DSC04814 DSC04799 DSC04798

If I didn’t have a death grip on Bailey, she TOTALLY would’ve jumped into that water with those turtles!  She is fearless like her sister and Daddy.  :)