Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Bowling Night

Avery was invited to a bowling party last weekend, but it got cancelled due to the family getting sick.  Avery was SO excited about this party, so I knew she would be terribly disappointed when I told her it was cancelled.  Craig and I had talked about it before I told her, and we decided to just take the girls bowling, otherwise, I knew Avery would mope about it all night.  That’s the way you make family memories, right?  Ohh, do I ever have some of those now.  :)

I love these pictures!  Avery shot it two ways…backwards granny shot…


SO excited!   DSC04853DSC04857

or she would set the ramp up and go all the way back to the tables, then RUN as fast as she could up to where Craig was holding her ball at the top of the ramp, and PUSH it as hard as she could (with tongue hanging out apparently).   She was so funny and having such a good time, the people in the next lane were cheering for her and clapping.  One time she tried to run down the lane to push her ball farther and her feet slipped right out from under her.  You can guess what happened…smack right on the tushie!  She was embarrassed but thankfully didn’t cry.  She learned that lesson quick…no running down the lane! DSC04851

Not sure why they are looking so forlorn below, but they really were having a great time!  Well, Bailey not so much.  It was past her bedtime and Craig or I held her a lot of the time.  She wanted down and really would’ve been happy if she could’ve run anywhere she wanted and picked up anyone’s balls that she wanted.  But of course, we had to restrain her.  She kept running to the ball return of the people next to us and getting in their way and trying to steal their bowling balls.  They were younger and didn’t mind at all, but bowling with a 21 month old is not ideal.  :)DSC04861  DSC04849

She did get to push the ball down the lane several times and had a little bit of fun.


But Avery had a blast!!  And that’s why we really went anyway. DSC04844