Monday, October 11, 2010

New (Old) Skates

DSC04758 DSC04754 DSC04753

A couple of months ago the girls and I went down to the Just Between Friends sale and we drug Aunt Staci along.  :)  She took the kids around the toy section while I shopped for clothes.  After I shopped for a while, I went to find them and there was Avery clomping around in these roller skates she found.  She begged me to get them and after some thought, I figured ten bucks is pretty cheap for some fun exercise for her, right?  She skated around the house for a week after we got them and Craig took her out skating on the street.  He’s awesome on his roller blades, so he was very proficient at skating backward and helping her along.  Also, the skates are about 2 sizes too big, so hopefully she can get a lot of wear out of them!  She LOVES these skates!