Monday, October 11, 2010

the FAIR!

Avery waits every year for this.  She LOVES the fair and would go every day that it’s in town if we were rolling in money!  This was Bailey’s first year to get to go and I’d have to say, she loved it, too!

Both girls loved riding the rides this year, eating the delicious food, and I think the best part for them is the Kiddie Building.  Everything in there is free and there are all kinds of things for them to play with, build, ride on, etc.  Here are some of the best pics.

I would venture to say that one of their most favorite parts was the Park and Ride part where we parked at the mall and a school bus took us to the fair so we could avoid the horrendous parking there.  It was their first time on a school bus and to say they were excited is a gross understatement!  They may have even liked this more than the fair!  I’m not kidding!  Both of them have been obsessed with busses since they were old enough to notice them.  Maybe it’s all little kids and big transportation vehicles, I don’t know.  But mine love them!  So here is Avery’s first bus ride.  Too bad I didn’t get a pic of Bailey behind me.


playing in the kids building…


right up Avery’s alley…  playing in sand filled with tiny seashells!  (or treasures as she would say!)

DSC04884 DSC04887

the one sweet food I can count on Craig never passing up…a funnel cake…and the girls love to join him!

DSC04902 DSC04901

Avery rode a camel…her first time.  The girl on the back was the next rider in line who was by herself.  I would’ve ridden with her, but we were down to our last 5 bucks!

DSC04898 DSC04897  

Riding the rides…the Fun Slide is one of our favorites!  I don’t have a picture, but I rode it with Avery right before this.  It was so much fun!  I wish the tickets weren’t so expensive.  I would’ve ridden it ten more times!


Kiddie roller coaster


First, let me say that Bailey is obsessed with horses.  Well, namely, one horse.  Rocky, the paint horse that was born to my dad’s mare 2 1/2 years ago.  When we are at my parents, she says “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky” CONSTANTLY!  She wants to always see him and wants to know where he is in the pasture and what he is doing.  It is the first thing she says when she wakes up and he was even bumping Nona down from her number one place!  (Her previous obsession was Nona! my mom.)  Anyway, now she calls all horses Rocky and when she saw the carousel at the fair, she immediately gasped and yelled, “ROCKY!”  She had to get herself onto one of those horses!!  She was too little to ride a lot of the rides, but thankfully this was one that she could do with Daddy by her side!


Avery picked the Dalmatian. 


Here’s another one Bailey could do if an adult was with her…the swings.  Craig rode them with her once, then I did them with her later.  I had had enough by the time that was over!  Made me a little dizzy, but she really had fun.   You really had to keep a tight hold on her, though, because she just doesn’t sit very still!


Avery was a couple swings in front of Bailey and Craig.  She had a blast.  I know this is a yearly tradition that will definitely create a ton of family memories!