Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

We recently spent a few days down at my parents house while Craig stayed here.  Since it was just me and the girls, I slept with Avery in her bed so I’d be closer to them.  The first night we got back, Avery was really tearful that I wasn’t going to be sleeping with her again.  I was afraid this would happen, but I had to explain that I had to sleep with Daddy.  The only thing that finally perked her up was when I suggested getting a bunch of her stuffed animals to sleep with.  She immediately said, “Yes!” and ran to her room to pick them out.  She had about 10 in there and later after she was asleep I snapped a picture of her.  What is it about pictures of sleeping children that are so innocent?  Of course I had to snap one of Bailey, too.

Picture 036Picture 037


Emily said...

So cute! Did they wake up when the flash went off? Jacob would totally wake up if I went in his room and took a picture.

Unknown said...

Too cute! I have to say from a pediatricain's wife point of view - might be time to move the bumper pads - ha! ha! They are just beautiful!