Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Sick Baby

A week and a half ago, Bailey was very sick.  Actually Avery, Bailey, and I were all sick, but Bailey got it the worst.  Craig ended up taking her to urgent care on a Sunday and after a chest X-ray and an examination, we were told that she had the beginnings of pneumonia and an ear infection.  Yuck.  She was so lethargic that day and slept on either Craig or I all day.  I hated that she was sick, but a small part of me loved having her sleep on me.  If you know Bailey, she is NOT a calm child.  She is not still for long and she would never fall asleep on me in a million years.  She is a better cuddler than Avery, but still, she wouldn’t cuddle for this long.  So we had to take a few pictures to remember.  I hope she never gets this sick again, but I did enjoy the sweetness of it just for one day.   :)

Picture 484

We stayed like this for a couple hours at least.

Picture 490

Seriously—she hasn’t done this since she was a newborn!

Picture 487  

After she woke up, she lay in the floor with Avery for a while watching a cartoon.  I love how Avery is holding her leg.  They love each other so much!


Emily said...

Poor Bailey! Glad she's better.