Friday, February 12, 2010

MOPS Valentine Day Party

Every month our MOPS group tries to have a playdate with our kids.  This month we had a Valentine party, and the kids decorated lunch sacks to collect their Valentine’s in, exchanged Valentine’s, and decorated a heart cookie to eat!  They had so much fun!  Avery was a Valentine princess and it was her idea to wear the tiara she got from Chloe’s party—it matched her perfectly for Valentine’s Day!

Picture 113Wow, a rare picture of me with my girls!

Picture 098Even Bailey got to color…well after coloring on her tray, she mostly just ate the crayon until I took it away. :)

Picture 099Avery and Chloe decorate their bags.

Picture 109Can you believe how old they’re getting?

Picture 125  The best part—eating the frosting!  

Picture 114 Of course Bailey had to eat a cookie, too!  You can’t ignore that request of “MO, MO, MO, MO” for long!

Picture 115 I’ll have to say that Avery didn’t savor it long—she shoved it all in because she was too upset about frosting being on her fingers.  She wanted to wash her hands!

Picture 117 Trying to smile with a full mouth!