Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Princess Avery

Last week, Avery had two princess parties to go to!  We called the princess expert, Avery's cousin Hayden, and borrowed a few ensembles from her.  Hayden has tons of princess stuff!  These are the two dresses that Avery chose to wear to the two parties.  She looked so pretty and grown up!!

The yellow dress was her favorite (of course) so she saved it for her BFF’s party.  Chloe turned 4 and all the little girls were so cute as princesses!  I let Avery skip her nap that day and I didn’t realize how tired she was!  5 minutes into the drive, I had a princess who was dead to the world!

Picture 062

Look how big she looks!


Cole and Christy said...

Love it! Isn't it funny that they can still fall asleep in the car!