Monday, January 25, 2010

The Climber

Let me just say that Avery was never a climber.  Looking back, Avery never did much of anything that she was not supposed to. :)  She never got into much and she certainly never climbed on everything like her sister does.  I hope the crib is not next!  Nevertheless, she does entertain us.  Here are a few pictures of her climbing and another couple of her other favorite thing to do…sit in things.  Whether it be a cake pan, a basket, or a box, if she can get her hiney in it…Bailey will sit in it!

Picture 243Climbing on a box at Christmas 

Picture 383Climbing on her new piano she got for her birthday 

Picture 392Climbing on top of a hat box (if it was open she would sit in it)

 Picture 410Again with the piano  :)

 Picture 448The girls loved having their own tubs to sit in.  Bailey sat in hers for a LONG time!

Picture 438Thinking she was so funny sitting in the lid drawer.


Emily said...

Ha! Hudson's the same way and Jacob was never like that either. They keep you on your toes, huh?!

Cole and Christy said...

Both of mine have been huge climbers, but thankfully neither of them attempted the crib! Bailey may be an acrobat! We will come visit her in the circus! I love your blog design!

Alexandra said...

Grant never did this stuff either, now Morgan at 7 months crawls everywhere, pulls and stands up to everything, is into everything, drags stuff out of cabinets!! It's amazing how two kids from the same two people can be so different!!! They are super cute!

Robertson's said...

I'll echo Lex - Kate was into things - big time, but didn't climb. Addison is going to be a climber - constantly on the watch!