Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well apparently these are the only 3 pictures I took on Thanksgiving! We stayed in Tulsa this year and had a nice relaxing day spent at Craig's parents with his brothers, their wives, and their kids. It's a full, crazy house when all 4 of the brothers and their families are all over at his parents' house, but in a way, I love it. The kids love playing together and I love visiting and eating--and boy, did we eat! There's always way too much food so we munch and munch and then eat more of it for dinner. In between that, we're all in and out getting slices of this dessert or that dessert. It's fun and so begin the holiday pounds... :)

I still can't get over how much these two look alike. Ashton is still a tad taller but not by much. Everyone who sees them together says they could definitely be siblings!
We actually busted out a puzzle in the middle of the floor during the football game. SOME of us aren't die hard football fans no matter which game is on, but there aren't many of us. I got the best brother of the four of them--he doesn't really care that much about football. Oh yes, I got the best one. :)
When Bailey woke up from her afternoon nap, she actually sat very still in Grandpa's lap for like 30 whole minutes! Then Grandma got her and she sat with her for the longest time, too! I guess she was mesmerized by all the football! Grandma, this might be your football girl.