Monday, January 11, 2010

Avery's Dancing

Avery is quite the silly dancer when she gets into it. I hope she doesn't get mad later on when she is older, but I have to post these videos of her dancing. One of them is sideways, I'm sorry. Later when Craig finds the right program, I will turn it and repost. But for now I have to plunge forward in my blog updating!!

This song is a YouTube video "Crazy Frog." It's been one of Avery's favorites to watch and dance to since she was a baby...weird, but she loves it! Check out this fancy footwork...and Avery, when you read this one day...I'm sorry. :)

This dance is mostly to document the flower pajamas, tutu, and sparkly Sunday shoes all together in one outfit! It also might bore you unless you are one of Avery's grandmas. :) I thought it was a cute little dance with some hiney-shakin' and hopping-on-one-foot thrown in for fun... Again, Avery, I'm sorry...I love you :)


tif said...

ok the jammies and tutu outfit is precious!!! and she's very light on her feet. Ü super cute!