Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bathrobe and Bunny Slippers

Getting into one of her favorite no-no places...the pantry!
It was a very cold December around here and one morning I had this little bathrobe over Bailey's pajamas. I remembered these adorable bunny slippers she had and good thing we put them on her because her toes were close to busting out of the end. I thought she looked so adorable and I had to document it with a post. Avery LOVES wearing a robe also and she puts it on over her pajamas pretty much every morning. She always has to pick out some fun socks (she has about 15 pair of different fun socks) to put on in the mornings and sometimes her slippers, too. We're a robe and houseshoe wearing family...what can I say? Even Craig likes to wear a robe in the winter.


Emily said...

I was just visiting a friend that wears pj's with a robe and thought we need to bring that style into our house. It's always so cold in the winter that a robe would be great for the morning! And I'm ALWAYS in slippers. Bailey looks so cute!

The Notetaker said...

I want to see documented evidence of Craig wearing a robe and bunny slippers!!! --Justin