Friday, May 1, 2009

Woodward Park

Last week when Craig was gone on his yearly Lichtenstein trip for work, my wonderful mom was here helping us out! (We would have gone crazy those two weeks without her!) One of the days we took the girls to the Picture People in the mall to have some pictures done, and while I did like the pictures, I just wasn't satisfied with the few pictures that we bought after all that searching for cute coordinating dresses! Since I had seen the beautiful azaleas in bloom at Woodward Park a couple days before, we decided to take them down there for a photo shoot of our own. And boy what a day! It started out great but ended with a scraped knee and two crying girls. Bailey took a little cat nap on a blanket in the park while we let Avery play for a little while, and it just all went downhill from there! Between me saying "Avery, look at Mommy" a thousand times, changing their outfits, Bailey needing a nap, Avery running and falling and scraping her knee, and much more, it was almost more trouble than it was worth! BUT we did come out with some really cute pictures and some hilarious expressions! Bailey is pretty squinty in most of the pictures...I guess it was just too bright for those baby eyes...but they still turned out pretty cute and we have some memories that will stick around for quite a while!

(for those that don't know, if you click anywhere on the middle of the slideshow, it will take you to the site where I make these and you can view the pictures much bigger!)


Emily said...

Those are so cute. The girls look adorable. I'm sure it was an exhausting day though. Taking pictures of one kid is hard enough.

Alexandra said...

What sweet pictures! Your girls are so beautiful, hopefully God will bless us with one of our own someday! Hope you guys got some energy run off today!