Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bailey Update

I am so not good at taking a picture of my babies each month on their birthday date and giving updates about what they are doing and how they are developing. So sorry girls...Mommy has good intentions but it just never happens quite the way I plan. So here is a Bailey update although it is without a picture. Sorry! Bailey is now a week over 4 months. She just had her 4 month check up and she weighed 14 lbs. 6 oz. (65th percentile) and was 26 1/4" long (97th percentile)!!!!!! Can you believe she is that long? She is outgrowing all of her sister's old clothes and is already wearing 6 month outfits and I know by mid to late summer, she will be wearing 9 month clothes. I always call her my chunkeroo, but honestly when I look at her precious little naked body, her tummy is pretty slim, it's mostly her thick little (big) legs. :) She does have those great rolls around her diaper area and thighs, and her cheeks and chin are pretty abundant, but the rest of her looks pretty average. It's really her length that is putting her into those bigger clothes. She is rolling from her tummy to her back all the time now. She sleeps on her tummy and I find her on her back in bed quite a bit (crying loudly of course!)...She hasn't rolled from back to tummy yet, but I know she can do it. She will roll all the way up onto her side and will be mostly turned, but just won't go all the way. She will do it when she feels like it I guess. She laughs and squeals at us a lot now. It's so precious and it doesn't take much attention to make her do this! Avery is really good at getting her to calm down if I can't get to Bailey quick enough. She will put her paci in and wipe her spit up if I need her to. She really is a great big sister who really does love, love, love her baby sister. Bailey is still a great sleeper, although the past 2 or 3 mornings she has woken around 5 am! I told her this is unacceptable, so we will see if she continues. :) I am kind of worried a tooth might pop through or something, but surely not this early! I pray not. I just love this squishy little girl of mine and she is such a joy in our family. I love it when she is awake at dinner time and even though it's not the easiest way to eat, she sits in my lap or Craig's and just hangs out while we all eat. I love it when we are all at the table together as a family. Don't even try to put her in the bouncy seat because she isn't having it. She wants to be where the action is and she will protest until she gets up there like a big girl. She will suck on her fingers until the cows come home and her whole hand and chin are COVERED in drool. It's precious really albeit a total mess. So there is your Bailey update...4 months and loving life.


Alexandra said...

Sounds like fun! She looks so big in all the pictures, time sure flies!