Saturday, May 23, 2009

MOPS zoo trip

Every year, our MOPS group has a playdate at the zoo. This year it was pretty hot on the day we went, but thankfully somewhat windy, so it was bearable I guess. I will have to say, I am not much of a zoo fan. Maybe it's because our zoo isn't the most awesome around or maybe because I feel like half of the animals aren't even out when we go, or maybe it's because Avery tends to spend ten seconds on each animal and I feel I am really just trying to keep up with her! Anyway, it is fun to go with friends and hang out and we did eat a picnic lunch there which Avery always enjoys. She was probably the oldest girl there in our group that day and really the only girl who was old enough to run around. Therefore, she had all the boys following her. It was really cute. They were yelling, "Avery, walk with me!" or "Avery, hold my hand!" or "Avery, come over here beside me!" She was really the "it" girl to be with on this day. It gave me visions of her future...oh, I am so not ready to go there! Bailey took a nice nap in her stroller and was pretty good the whole time we were there! That's always a plus! The best part of the trip was at the lion's exhibit. The male lion was roaring a lot when we were there which we rarely get to hear. It was really exciting and I think the moms loved it more than the kids! I guess it felt like we got something for our money or something! :)