Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Sunday afternoon, we had about a 30 minute break in all this rain we've been having lately. Seriously, it has rained for like 10 straight days I think! Maybe more! Running errands in the rain with a baby and a 3 year old is not easy, people. Picture this: left hand holding Bailey's carseat with an almost 14 pound Bailey inside! right hand holding Avery's hand and this girl does not get in a hurry...she loves to dawdle. all running to get through the rain and trying not to fall so we don't all get hurt and embarrassed to boot...and guess what! that leaves no hand left for holding the umbrella! Yes, I am very, very, very sick of rain.
Anyway, when we had a small break in the rain Sunday afternoon, Avery suggested we go outside and jump in the puddles. I quickly agreed and we had to go only 5 feet outside our garage to find a nice big one. She jumped so high and hard the first 3 times that her pants got pretty wet and then she decided she didn't want to jump anymore because she didn't like having wet pants! Ha ha. So she found various items in the garage to play in the puddle with and had a blast. Bailey had her first ride in the umbrella stroller. I determined that she is probably too small and not able to hold herself up well enough to ride in this yet. But she had a short ride and of course Avery insisted that she push her all by herself. It was a fun 30 minutes outside until it started raining again and inside we headed. Oh well...it is supposed to be warmer and dry tomorrow, so we will see if the weatherman is right. I'm not holding my breath!