Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playing outside

I think Craig loves to be outside just as much as Avery. Bailey was getting some Daddy-time here. She loves to smile at her Daddy with that big wet drool-covered chin just shining at you.
If you know my oldest little girl, you know she loves to play outside! She would stay out there all day if she could! Her Nona put her up in this tree in the front yard one day a while back and she thought it was so cool. Now she likes me to put her up there every now and then. She can't do it by herself yet, but I don't doubt it will be very long before she can. I was a total tree climber when I was a kid, so I see where she gets it. :) Bailey likes to be outside, too, and I can stretch her pretty long between naps if we're outside doing something.


Alexandra said...

Grant could stay outside all day too, we have to drag him inside for naptime and bedtime! I love summer, it really wears the kids out and they have such a blast!