Thursday, June 10, 2010

Workin’ at the Car Wash…

A few weeks ago the girls got their swimsuits on for an afternoon of washing the cars with Daddy! They had a blast! Bailey especially loves to play in water so she was in heaven. She kept trying to get in the bucket of soapy water, so at the end Craig finally let her! She did not want to get out!! I told him forget a pool, we just need to get some 5 gallon buckets and let the girls each have their own to swim in! That’s what my sisters and I always swam in at Mimi and Paw-Paw’s when we were kids and we thought it was great! We didn’t know any different, right? Of course Avery had to have her turn in the bucket, too, and Bailey was not happy about sharing her bucket! We are working on training this girl right…we really are! She just has a little extra learning to do than Avery did I think. :)

Anyway, here are some shots of the cuties in their bubbles and suits.

DSC04406 DSC04409 DSC04410 DSC04414 DSC04420 DSC04425 DSC04428