Thursday, June 10, 2010


On Memorial Day weekend we went to Craig’s aunt and uncle’s pool.  They have an awesome backyard and pool/deck area and they are so nice to always allow us to come and swim whenever we want.  Bailey had gotten in the big pool last summer for a little bit but of course she doesn’t remember.  She LOVED the water just like I knew she would.  She didn’t want to sit in the floatie and she did not want me to hold her!  Of course I did because she would’ve totally drowned!  But she didn’t know that and wanted to swim around all by herself!  Avery is doing really well learning how to swim but this day she just wanted to be free to go wherever she wanted so we had her wear a lifejacket instead of floaties.  She loved it and was able to jump off of the board and do anything all on her own.  Both of the girls are not afraid of water at all and absolutely love to swim.  (So far I haven’t found anything of this nature that they aren’t afraid of!)

DSC04485 DSC04487 DSC04488 DSC04492 DSC04494


Emily said...

Fun! Our boys are loving the pool too. We're there nearly every day.

Loved the cruise pics by the way - I can't remember if I commented. But it looks like it was a great trip.