Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reading Together


One of the great benefits in the 3 year age difference in the girls is that now Avery can read to Bailey!  A couple of months ago Bailey suddenly became obsessed with books when before she couldn’t have cared less about them!  She would never let me read to her, at least no more than like one page.  But now she constantly wants me to read to her and since all of her books are very simple baby books, Avery can read a bunch of them to her!  I try to stop and read to her when she asks but if I just can’t right then, I’ll say, “Take it to Avery,” and Avery will happily read to her!  I love how she plops down in Avery’s lap just like she does to Craig and me.  I hope they both are obsessed with reading their whole lives just like I am!  :)  (Don’t roll your eyes, Staci!)


Emily said...

That's so great! Jacob has tried reading to Hudson a little but Hudson doesn't always want him to do it. It's nice that Bailey enjoys Avery reading to her.