Sunday, June 6, 2010



I mean, seriously, do I really need to type anything?  These are the cutest kids in the world!  :)  We love them so much.


This one I love.  It so greatly captures Bailey’s orneriness with that mischievous little smile.  I am LOVING her in piggie tails these days.  It also greatly captures Avery in a stage where she loves to make silly poses for the camera.  Some members of my family say that I did this a lot around this age.  Hopefully no one will scrounge up any old pictures from the ‘80’s.  That could be scary.  :)


the.fortes said...

Bailey had a rough time at class today, but she is so cute and cuddly it made me want to have a girl!:) I wasn't whining about her being whiney, btw, I just like to tell parents if the kiddos were grouchy so they know what they are in for:). It was fun holding her! Cole is a perpetual motion machine and I can't hold him enough! Plus her knee busted open. Sorry about the band aid. I totally forgot to tell you:(.