Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Visit at Nona and Pop's

There is a great patch of sand where Avery loves to dig!

What better way to learn where some of your food comes from than the actual source! (and corn on the cob is one of Avery's all time favorites!)

this is about the best smile for the camera I can get these days. I have to say "show your teeth" and this is what I get!

Well, as most of you know, Craig was just out of the country for work for two weeks recently. The first week we stayed here because we had VBS, but my mom came on Wednesday and took care of us until we all left Saturday to go to her house. We stayed with my parents for a full week, and it was so wonderful to be taken care of the whole time! It was busy because we had my mom's VBS that week (we were so worn out!), but Avery always has a great time at Nona and Pop's house because there is so much for her to do there! She feeds the horses with my dad every night, and they go down to the pond to feed the catfish afterwards. She runs around and plays in the dirt outside and rides her little car up and down the driveway. This time she swam outside in the new pool/sprinkler thing that Aunt Jenna bought for her. Also a new thing was we got to help pick some things from Nona and Pop's garden. We got to shuck corn and see potatoes and beans from the garden. Avery loved running up and down the rows of corn because she was hidden behind the tall stalks. What a great place for visits to your grandparents! However, we were SO glad when Daddy finally got home! We picked him up at the airport about midnight last Saturday night and Avery ran to him yelling "DADDY, DADDY!" while all the people in the airport looked at us, and I could not hold back my tears. It was sweet. (I know, I'm so emotional with this pregnancy!)